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IAgSA helps you to succeed, throughout your career with Professional Training

IAgSA provides training to help farm administrators and bookkeepers to become more professional. Our training will prove valuable, whether you are beginning your career, changing roles, or looking to refresh or enhance your expertise. Land agencies and accountancy firms can also use our training to provide their staff with essential knowledge of the agricultural sector. For more details, follow the links above. But contact us if you need further assistance.
The IAgSA Farm Accounting and Rural Business Administration Training Programme will give you the perfect head-start within our industry. Whilst our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme can take your career to the next level – and also benefit your employer or clients.  CPD is essential for our Associates and Full Members (see membership options).

IAgSA Farm Accounting and Rural Business Administration Training Programme

Are you interested in becoming a farm administrator or bookkeeper working in the UK rural economy? Do you want an industry-recognised accreditation to further your career and raise your level of expertise? Our Farm Accounting and Rural Business Administration Training Programme is suitable for those working within farming already, returning to the sector or looking for a new career. Certification is recognised and respected across the agriculture sector. We developed our training programme in 2011 and it’s been extremely well received by participants and the wider industry. The work carried out by a farm administrator or bookkeeper, for a farm or rural business, requires a solid level of understanding of current issues, rules, regulations and terminology. Much of this is unique to the agricultural sector – and that’s why training is so important. Our training units only take 1-2 days each, so it’s possible to get accredited quickly or work at your own pace, fitting the programme conveniently around your current job.

Who can apply?

Our accredited courses are open to anyone with an aptitude and enthusiasm for the sector. You don’t need to be an IAgSA member – or have any special qualifications or experience. You may have just left higher education or be making a career change. Alternatively, you may be a trained bookkeeper or accountant already but you want the extra knowledge needed for the farming sector.

How can I book training and what’s the cost?

Training takes place throughout the year, typically on Fridays and Saturdays. Sessions are usually held at the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG. Our training represents excellent value for money. See the latest Training Programme Dates for booking details and prices.

Need some advice?

Please contact our team if you have any questions about our training programme or if you need help in choosing or booking training units.

What will I learn?

Key subjects are covered by different units. You can complete all the units – or simply select the ones that interest you most.
    • Unit 1 – Farming Knowledge (1 day) £200.00

      This course enables participants to gain an understanding of the farming terminology and an awareness of agricultural practices and issues.
    • Unit 2 – Farm Record Keeping for Livestock and Crops (1 day) £200.00

      This course helps you to understand the physical and legislative record keeping requirements of a farm business, in particular the requirements for cross compliance and farm assurance.
    • Unit 3 – Financial Recording for the Farm Business (2 days) £350.00

      This unit enables you to create, maintain and complete farm financial records as required by the accountant in order to produce the year-end accounts.  (Please note: This unit requires previous bookkeeping experience, including at least a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.)
    • Unit 4 – Farm Office Organisation & Administration (1 day) £200.00

      Here you can gain a greater understanding of the requirements of becoming a farm administrator (employed or self-employed). This includes the implementation of effective systems and procedures in the farm office and how to meet the requirements of legislation, including the maintenance of employment and health & safety records.
    • Unit 5 – Preparing and Understanding your Year End Accounts/Cashflow Forecasting and Budgeting (1 day) £175.00

      This unit is designed for Farm Administrators who want to understand more about how to prepare their accounts for submission to the accountant and preparing a cashflow budget, and producing budget reports.

For full details, see our Guide to Training Units.

Training Programme Dates - book your place online

The IAgSA Farm Accounting and Rural Business Administration Training Programme will run on the dates below. Unless indicated otherwise, training takes place at Farmers Fayre, National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG. Units 1, 2 and 4 are open to anyone wanting to become a farm administrator. But Unit 3 requires prior bookkeeping experience, including at least a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel. Places will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, with IAgSA Members given priority. If the training date you want is shown as fully booked, then still contact us. We keep a waiting list and sometimes places become available.



Pavilions of Harrogate, Harrogate, Yorkshire, HG2 8NZ, United Kingdom

  • Pavilions of Harrogate
    26th January 2019
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm

To book this event, please contact:



Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG, United Kingdom

  • Farmers Fayre, Stoneleigh Park
    17th May 2019
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm

To book this event, please contact:

Regional Training Days - book your place online

IAgSA Regional Training Days are designed to help farm administrators and bookkeepers from across the UK to refresh their knowledge, develop their skills and network with their peers. These sessions include specific training and industry updates from expert speakers, while enabling IAgSA members, new entrants and farm businesses to share knowledge and to forge new working relationships and local support networks. Regional Training Days are open to all IAgSA members. But we also welcome non-members from local farming businesses and those considering a career in business administration and bookkeeping. IAgSA members can also benefit by gaining a maximum of 5 points per Regional Training Day they attend under the IAgSA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Farm Software Training

IAgSA works in partnership with a number of farming software companies including Farmplan Computer Systems, Landmark Systems and Sum-It Computer Systems to help farm administrators and bookkeepers to improve their financial management, thanks to professional training in the latest software. Farmplan and Landmark offer "Taster Days" and Sum-It provide a distance learning course to any delegates who have attended our Unit 3 Training module.

Farmplan Computer Systems

Our training is ideal if you're planning to set up a bureau service or start employment as a farm administrator - and you want to find out about using Farmplan financial software. You don't need to be an IAgSA member to book a software training day. But a basic knowledge of bookkeeping may be required by some sessions. Participants should also bring a laptop with them. Please contact for more information.

Landmark Systems

Landmark Systems has been supplying financial and property management software to IAgSA members and their clients for over 25 years.
As part of our commitment to supporting IAgSA members we are delighted to offer them training and assistance in many ways, which include:

• The provision of ‘Taster Days’ for users who are new to our software, or to the industry, and wish to enrol on a ‘hands on’ course.
• The opportunity to attend our annual update workshops which are scheduled each autumn/winter and delivered at local venues across the UK.

Sum-It Computer Systems

Since 1983 Sum-It have been developing and supporting straightforward farm software to many thousands of farms across the UK. The Total Accounts Module is their main program in the suite that is used by farm administrators, either in a client’s office or on a bureau basis.

Key to the success in operating any software effectively is gaining a thorough understanding of the product’s operation and Sum-It have developed a free distance learning course for the Total Accounts Module to enable delegates to build up their skills at their own pace. Using the Unit 3 Training Module materials the delegate is taken through a range of exercises to cover all aspects of the software.

Additional one-to-one training is also available, either on-site or at our training suite in Sum-It’s Head Office in Thame, Oxfordshire.

To find out more about the distance learning course or book some training please contact Gordon Fowler on 01844 213003 or email him at

Get your copy of the essential Farm Office Handbook

Farm Office Handbook is a practical reference source for anyone involved in farm administration. It offers comprehensive guidance on farm office basics, from equipment to ‘doing it online’; setting up accounting systems; computerising a manual accounting system; year-end procedures complete with a check list; management reporting and budgeting with useful templates.

The chapters on VAT and payroll and statutory and assurance records have been thoroughly revised in this second edition to incorporate all the extensive changes made since the first edition was published in 2012. Additionally all the website addresses for legislative updates, contacts and online resources for rural businesses have been updated.

It is an invaluable resource for someone tackling farm paperwork for the first time and for experienced staff seeking to improve their skills.

Click here to read more and to order your copy from our shop

“This handbook should serve as a practical resource, a checklist to ensure farm businesses keep good records from financial to those that show their compliance with statutory regulations. It is also an important reference tool for those starting out as a farm/rural administrator, and those who have been in the business for some time.” - Jim Paice, Patron of IAgSA and a former Minister of State for Agriculture

Member Support

The Package is aimed primarily at all members currently undertaking their training whilst working in the industry and includes the following: Mentoring Programme Studley College Trust Bursary


Enquiries from new entrants led us to believe that there is a need for an Associate Support Package to follow up the success of the IAgSA Training Programme. We now have a small team of Mentors who are available to provide support (free of charge) when required. By providing this service, IAgSA hopes to ensure the future of our industry and are seen to support their Members to the best of its ability. Our Mentor Group includes existing IAgSA Members who have a wealth of experience in our industry. They are located throughout England, Scotland and Wales and are assigned primarily on a geographic basis unless experience and knowledge dictates differently.

Studley College Trust Bursary

We currently have access to funds kindly provided by the above to support new entrants into the Industry who are wishing to undertake the IAgSA Training Programme. It is anticipated that any bursaries awarded will be to students broadly meeting the following criteria: Be aged between 18 and 40 years (excepting cases of genuine career change) Have their career progress obstructed by lack of funds Be committed to a UK land-based career Have relevant practical experience and /or be from a rural background Following the land-based course, be committed to their career, and benefit the UK industry